Business Cards

A business card is the handshake that can leave a lasting impression. By necessity it will contain information relative to the individual or company represented by the card and it is generally exchanged during formal introductions.  While business card layout has always had a formal edge to it, until relatively recent times, with the advent of efficient digital presses, striking designs and colors have increasingly found their way into card manufacture.  Selection of the design criteria for the card, e.g. single or double sided, colored or monochrome, quantities and stock weights have never been made easier for the consumer.

AMAZING DIGITAL SOFTTOUCH®:  Owning a digital commercial press opens a whole new world of options in printing materials.  Many business cards today are usually limited to a glossy finish from these digital presses … until now.  By adding novel specialty substrates to our repertoire, BPC can now offer that SoftTouch® feel to our digitally printed business cards and other products.  SoftTouch® provides a velvety, rose petal feel and matte look without post print finishing.  This was previously unavailable for digital printers.  Our softTouch® substrate provide a luxurious, rose petal feel.  BPC is now better able to compete on applications, cost, and creativity.  You can now thrill your customers with a luxurious feeling high-value printed Business Card to will sure please your customer.

Digital proofs are supplied prior to print, and purchasers have the choice of submitting their own pre-prepared artwork or having us design their business cards for them.  Whichever option you choose, business card design and purchasing has never been simpler or more affordable.

Sizes: 2.0″ x 3.5″ is typical but, other sizes are not uncommon.

Paper Stocks: We have a wide variety of paper stocks.  Some of the ones available to choose from include but not limited to: 100 lb. Gloss or matte text with Aqueous gloss or SoftTouch®Coating for large quantity orders, 80 lb. Recycled Matte Text (with or without digital SoftTouch®).