Metallic Ink Printing At Bass Printing

Metallic Ink Printing At Bass Printing


The world has changed. Brand owners, advertisers and marketers demands print applications that transcend CMYK. Bass Printing of Fort Worth is poised to meet this challenge with its recent Color-Logic® process certification.

Color-Logic enables us to print up to 250 metallic hues or more in one pass through our printing press.

We can accomplish this with only five inks silver (S), yellow (Y), magenta (M), cyan (C), and black (K). This technology will enable us to deliver brilliant image quality, breathtaking spot embellishments and amazing metallic hues — in a single pass on each printed piece.

Embrace your inner creativity and turn ordinary into extraordinary. This won’t be for everyone of course but when possible let’s use it wisely. It’s also a money saver for us versus the conventional way of printing metallics. Why?

1. We will only need to purchase and inventory one and only one metallic ink – silver.

2. We will only need to make-ready one ink station and one set of plates versus 2 or three.

3. We will only need to inventory one metallic ink – silver not a plethora of expensive metallic inks.

4. We will only need to washup the one ink station after each metallic print job – less downtime.

5. In addition to all of that, one HUGE benefit of Color-Logic, we will be able to print hundreds (if not thousands) of metallic colors on the same sheet if necessary. This is truly a competitive advantage for us and our customers.

Printing is an important factor in consumers’ shopping experience: It’s the first thing that customers and consumers see when shopping or purchasing an item of interest, and it’s usually what they can physically touch as part of the purchasing process and experience – the first moment of truth.

Print embellishments such as metallic ink raise a brand’s perceived value, even if it isn’t sold in a traditional brick and mortar retail environment. Whether it’s foiling, embossing or debossing, specialty coatings or inks, embellishments can add distinction and perceived value, but only if done right. This is why we are taking the time to do metallic ink printing with Color Logic.

According to Alrick Warner, President & CEO of Bass Printing, “I want us to have this in our tool box to continue to advance and grow our competitive advantage and position in the market place. We must continue to innovate smartly, quickly, with excellence! So, it is with these salient points in mind that I say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone at Bass Printing and at Color-Logic for their tireless support in this effort to take Bass Printing’s capabilities to the next level in an effort to better serve our customers.”


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