Paper Folding & Book Binding Options @ Bass Printing, Fort Worth, Texas

Paper Folding & Book Binding Options @ Bass Printing, Fort Worth, Texas

We often get calls from clients asking for a roll fold brochure when they really mean gate fold or vice versa. Well, don’t be confused anymore, to make it easier we have put together a reference guide.

Most of the marketing materials that we print fall into what can be called the ‘standard’ fold types.  There any many different names used to describe the various fold options.  They mean different things to different people.  Some of the standard paper folds that we do every day at Bass Printing include the following: –

  • Half/Single fold
  • Tri/Roll fold
  • Gate fold – open
  • Double Gate fold
  • Z folds
  • Parallel fold
  • Accordion fold
  • Quarter fold
  • Half/Tri fold
  • Tri/Half fold

Not all book/booklet bindings are the same. Depending on budgets or thickness (the number of pages) there are several ways to bind. Choosing what kind of binding is an important part of a finished printed project.  If you want to take your publication to the next level, then the options are numerous! Typically, the cover will have a heavier basis weight than the text pages. It can be on coated or uncoated stock. You might want to add a gloss or matt laminate (or even SoftTouch) to one or both sides of the cover. You can also consider adding embossing, a high shine spot UV or other effects like foil. The cover can be oversized and creased or scored to create a flap. Hard covers or case bound books are very classy, and if you have the budget are a brilliant way of presenting something special.

When a booklet is self-covered, it means that the cover of the booklet is the same paper and finish as the pages.  This is the cheapest option, and as long as the chosen paper stock is suitable, the results are great.  Our standard self-cover booklets and brochures are on 100# gloss or matt coated text paper.  But we do offer cheaper options such as 70# text, 80# gloss text and more expensive options 110# gloss text.

Please take a look at the images below to better understand the many different types of folds and book binding options that are available from Bass Printing, Fort Worth, Texas.  URL:


Fort Worth


Folding & Finishing Makes A Difference

Most of the marketing materials you see fall into the common ‘standard’ paper fold category.  However, the folding possibilities are endless.  You’re only limited by your imagination.  The paper can be scored and folded into many different shapes and sizes.  The creative folding can be a great way to stand out from the crowd with your next marketing campaign.


At Bass Printing we don’t put up with bad printing or folding! You can trust that the edges of your piece won’t crack or tear, and your folds will be crisp and clean!  Thanks to our experienced employees here at Bass Printing, you can rest assured that things like paper type, and the grain direction of the paper are all considered when your printed piece is printed and folded.  Talk to a print or folding expert now at 1-817-293-4913 or request a custom price quotation.  If you would like a PDF of this guide, please drop us an email ( and we will be pleased to send you a copy.

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