10 ft. Kit A EZ Tube® Connect (Graphic Package)

10 ft. Kit A EZ Tube® Connect (Graphic Package)

10 ft. Kit A EZ Tube® Connect (Graphic Package)

Modular has officially met tube frames! Multitubes modular tube display system lets you configure multiple shapes, sizes and frames. Multitubes lets you choose from straight, round or slant top shapes, 90" or 96" frame heights, and 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 8ft and 10ft frame widths. Each Multitiube frame easily connects, using aluminum tubing with push button snaps to lock and to attach to feet. Feet have two mounting points to connect frames side-by-side. Customize single- or doublesided stretch fabric graphics that pulls over frames and zips closed underneath. Medium Hard Case included.

(2) Top cross bar - 2ft. slope
(2) Bottom cross bar - 2ft.
(1) Top cross bar - 5ft. slope
(1) Bottom cross bar - 5ft
(6) 3-section 64" pole
(6) Bottom cross bar L shape connector
(2) Single foot - 34mm
(2) Double Foot - 34mm
(4) Connecting clip
(1) Medium Hard Case
(2) Soft Bag - 2ft.
(5) Soft bag - 5ft.
(3) Single-Sided Graphics

Material:Stretch Fabric
Display Size: 120"W x 90"H x 18.75"D
Template Size: 2ft. 24"W x 88"H
Template Size: 5ft. 60"W x 88"H
Template Size: Medium Hard Case 62.375"W x 32.25"H
Shipping Dimensions: 22"W x 39"H x 17"D
Shipping Weight: 60 lbs (frames and graphics)
Available at:Pacific Fulfillment Center

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